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First, a little bit about me. I majored in math and fell into baking. I was raised by strong women who taught me to be unapologetically intense and passionate about, well, anything and everything that fed my heart. So, even though I suppose I could have been a baller mathematician, I ended up storming the professional kitchens of NYC. 


My greatest happy place over the last decade has been building a bakery empire. You may have heard of it…it’s called Milk Bar. I am very much Milk Bar and Milk Bar is very much me. But, there’s more to me than that.


I’m an obsessive. An over achiever. Give me a to-do list and I will not stop until it’s complete. I am relentless to a fault. I am a giver. A doer. A lover. A learner. A daydreamer. A wanderlust. I dare to never grow old. I’m a long distance runner who loves the pursuit of every seemingly impossible challenge. I adore the human spirit in all its imperfect ways and I love celebrating people exactly as they are. My brain is constantly in motion. Creativity is my fiercest fuel.


I believe in leaving it all on the court and ALWAYS bringing baked goods to share.


Even though my career came to life with Birthday Cake unfrosted on the sides, Compost Cookies and Cereal Milk and I’ve found success through those beloved creations, to me, it’s not enough! I have more to give. I want to connect more. Find more pockets of time between the kitchen and the office discovering and spreading what I believe are the secrets to life. This site is my way of sharing all the other sides of who I am. 


I believe in celebrating the little BIG things. I believe in sharing more of the hilarious, magical, rule-breaking world that’s mine, and I want to be a part of yours. However you found your way here - maybe from Milk Bar, Chef's Table: Pastry, Bake Squad or Master Chef – you’ll find a high kick, or a high five, random smiles or life hacks from my weekly Beyond Baking mailer or maybe even your latest thrift score (my husband has cut me off from bringing anything else home, but my wanderlust at a yard sale will never die!). 

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Christina Tosi | 2018

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