Bake Club Butter’s Puppy Chow (for humans)

makes about 4 cups

½ cup meltable chips

(chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, pb, etc)

½ cup spreadable thing

(pb, fluff, jam, Nutella, almond, cookie butter, etc)

1 tablespoon butter

Optional: ½ teaspoon extract (vanilla, lemon, banana, coconut, etc)

⅛ teaspoon salt

3-4 cups cereal

1 gallon ziploc bag

1 cup outer coating

(powdered sugar, cocoa powder, cake mix, sprinkles, cinnamon, drink mix, etc)

In a large heat safe bowl, gently melt chips and spreadable thing in a microwave or double boiler until smooth.

Stir in butter, extract (optional) and salt.

Add cereal and stir vigorously until well coated.

Transfer to plastic bag along with outer coating, seal tight and party (toss in the air, dance around like a fool, whatever you’ve got to do) to coat the cereal fully in outer coating.

Freeze or refrigerate your creation for 10-15 minutes to seal each layer on top of another.

Crush by the handful, bag up for giveaways or store cold for up to 1 month.

Favorite combos:

Kix + white chocolate + fluff + 10x and orange drink mix or zest

Cornflakes + white chocolate + pistachio butter (see bake club day X) and lemon extract + 10x and lemon drink mix or zest

Chex + white chocolate + raspberry jam + coconut and 10x

Cocoa Puffs + semi sweet chocolate + fluff and vanilla extract+ coconut

Chex + white chocolate + cookie butter and strawberry jam + 10x

Cheerios + butterscotch + fluff + 10x and cinnamon

Cheerios + white chocolate + pb and honey + 10x

Cocoa Puffs + semi sweet chocolate + nutellla and banana extract+ 10x and cocoa powder

Chex + white chocolate + raspberry jam + yellow or lemon cake mix

Cocoa Puffs + white chocolate + fluff and vanilla extract+ 10x and rainbow sprinkles and cocoa powder

Pretzels + pb chips + pb and vanilla extract + 10x

Oyster crackers + white chocolate + fluff and vanilla extract + 10x and rainbow sprinkles