Bake Club Pizza Night

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

1 teaspoon... dry active or rapid rise yeast (1/2 teaspoon fresh yeast) 1 cup warm water 1 teaspoon olive oil 2 1/2 cups bread flour 2 teaspoons kosher salt cornmeal

Whisk together yeast and warm water in bowl.

Add flour and salt. Add olive oil.

Once comes together into a mass, knead for 7 mins.

Divide dough into two.

Let rise in oil lines bowls until doubled in size. 1-3 hours .(Alternatively, let rise in the refrigerator for 8 to 24 hours; allow to come to room temperature before baking.)

Position the rack close to your oven’s heating element. Heat the oven to its highest temperature, 500° or 550°F; if you have a pizza stone, put it in the oven so it gets nice and toasty.

Punch down the dough and roll out each piece into a 12-inch round. Sprinkle two baking sheets liberally with cornmeal. (If you are using a pizza stone, the baking sheets need to be rimless, or you can use the backs of rimmed ones.) Put one of the pizza rounds onto each baking sheet. cornmeal if you have it.

Spread half of the béchamel over each crust. Divvy up the mozzarella between the two and sprinkle the rest of the ingredients (sausage! pepper! red onion! garlic! red pepper flakes!) across the tops, forming clusters of toppings as you go.

When the oven is as hot as can be, bake the pizzas. Either slide onto the pizza stone one at a time or put the baking sheets in the oven. Bake until the cheese begins to bubble and the crust is golden brown, 7 to 8 minutes. Slice, and serve.